dinsdag 26 juli 2011

To be introduced:

Well hello there,

I'm Michelle, 16 years old, and here's another dutch girl with a totally random blogname who started a new blog and maybe will like to share her ideas of fashion with you guys. I love all those pretty pics from tumblr, blogspot and other places where you can find great pictures. Those pictures inspire so many people, including me. That is why I'd like to collect them and show them to others. They don't always have something to do with fashion, also a landscape can inspire me. Of course I'll also try to make outfit posts!

Who am I? Well, as I said, 16 years old, almost turning 17 by the way ;) I live in a small city-kind-of-village (still can't choose between a village or a real city). We don't really have interesting shops, so that is why I go to Utrecht, Rotterdam or of course Amsterdam. I can't really give my style a name, think I combinate different styles. My clothes come from many different shops, sometimes vintage. Also really love Topshop, French connection, Blue Blood (dutch denim brand), Wildfox and so on..

Here's my first inspiration post, hope you like it! xoxo