maandag 17 oktober 2011

On the streets

Hi :)
Today is the first day of my holiday! It'll only last one week, so that's quite short. That's why everyday of mine is completely full with all nice things i'm going to do with friends and family! ;) Tomorrow I'm going to make sushi with two friends of mine, we really love to do that. Wednesday I'm going to Amsterdam to do some shopping, looking forward to that! There are so many great shops in Amsterdam, so I will definitely find something great :)
In this post I collected some streetstyle photos. Some are quite old, but I just collected the ones I liked ;) Hope you like them too! Let me know!

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vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Into the wood

As you can see I bought a leather jacket! This one's from Zara and I'm very happy with it ;D Went shopping with my mum yesterday at Utrecht, a city I don't live very far from. My dad just took a few pictures of me in our garden. He's very proud on his wood, so we took a few photos there :p
There's pretty much nothing special happening now, except going to school and to work. Tonight I'm going to the movie "One day" with a friend, it's said that's a great romantic movie and girls like that right ? :D
Well, thanks for stopping by at my blog! It'll be great if you leave a comment on my post if you like it :)

Leather jacket Zara, White top Monki, Jeans Diesel, Shoes Vans, Bag Esprit

xo Michelle