dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Turquoise rings, a deer, shorts and other inspiring things...

Hello hello,

finally another post. Just had my first week at school. This year will be very nice, but also hard with all the tests and stuff. In the middle of this year (year 5) we're going on a schooltrip to Prague! It's been said by friends of mine that the trip is so much fun, so really look forward to it.
I'm showing you a few inspiration pics I like very much. The one with the turquoise rings is my favourite. Love those big rings with beautiful colored stones in it! Just bought one in Amsterdam myself, I'll show you that one in a while ;) Hope you like the pictures, let me know, I love comments :)


zaterdag 20 augustus 2011


Hello dears,
posting my SECOND blogpost already :) Didn't write for a few weeks, because i've been on a holiday to italy with my family! To be back in holland is kind of a big turn, but it started great with a party for my 17th birthday with a few friends. I made dinner for them and after that we were going out in some local place where a lot of people come. Great start of another high school year (witch will begin next tuesday)!
I've made a little wishlist of a few items I liked. Especially the brown lammy coat is so awesome, really wanna have something like that! Hope you love my chosen items too, let me know ;)